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Heartburn_ _An_Acidic_Indigestion_To_Be_Forgotten

It can be stated as a burning feeling which keeps bothering you now and again. This happens mainly because due to acidic fluid flowing upwards from the stomach into the esophagus or the swallowing tube. Even though it is known as heartburn, it has nothing to do with the heart. It is very common digestive problem. Sometimes you can feel the pain at the same level on the back. Heartburn, indigestion and pain all go hand in hand causing problems for us. Knowing about your nutrition can help in some manner to provide relief for the heartburn.

Heartburn for our own surprise is very common in our society and people who consider themselves healthy may sometimes be the soft target. It is a very uncomfortable feeling and can sometimes be dangerous. Heartburn mainly occurs after meals and even when you skip meals can cause such problems. It has been noticed that at least once a month a person suffers from heartburn which may not be good news.

Some common symptoms of heartburn

*A burning sensation or pain in the chest

*Backflow into your mouth or throat makes things worse for you



*Passing gas


Things to avoid

*Spicy and oily food

*Medications which incite the condition of heartburn

*Eating without control

*Skipping your daily meals

*Too much caffeine

*Carbonated drinks




*Citrus fruits

*Ketchup and Vinegar


*Sucking on to the clove may relieve you from the acidic influx

*Having a cup of vanilla ice cream or drinking a glass of cold milk can do the trick

*Almonds help in relieving heartburn and having it everyday will help you a lot

*Eating lemon strips mixed in salt helps to prevent heartburn

*Chewing basil leaves every morning also helps

*Eating watermelon and banana would help you cool down


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